On this page you can get to know more about this blog, These Fashion Days.

After having around five earlier blogs, I felt the need to start blogging again. Only this time, I decided to do it right. No rash start, but really thinking it through. These Fashion Days was the perfect name I came up with. If we want it or not, we are busy with clothing and fashion every day. It is a way to expres ourselves, to tell who we are. Every day is a fashion day.

I am not a trendsetter of fashionista. I am not even sure what my style is, or how to call it. But that search for style is exactly what I show on my blog. If I don’t know how to combine flared jeans, then other don’t too. I just show outfits I like, and combinations that work for me. I want fashion to be accessible and easy for everyone. Beside fashion I also blog about beauty, lifestyle and personal related things. You can expect outfits, make up reviews, photo diaries, vlogs, fashion inspiration, and a lot more. With almost 200 blogposts online, I am sure you can browse for a while.

TFD truly is my passion. It mostly is an online magazine about all of my interests. I am continuely busy with it, and I constantly try to let it grow. It is my one big dream to one day make a living out of it. Let’s hope it will be.

If you want to know more about me, tap ‘about marijn’ in the upper menu.