I am Marijn, the owner of These Fashion Days. On this page, you can get to know me better!

I am a nineteen-years-old girl, based in The Netherlands. I was born in The Hague, and moved to Utrecht in 2014. I also go to school here: I am a student at University Utrecht, where I study Media & Culture. I specialise in new and digital media, communication through media, and phenomenons evolved out of these media. Super interesting, and I really enjoy my subjects.

Studying this is not out of the blue. I always had a thing for (new) media. When I was younger I spend my spare time finding new online platforms, and creating websites and blogs. I guess I have had around five blogs before. Although I always stopped doing it, I also always felt the need to start blogging again. It was not only that I liked to be busy, I also love to write. I find language a beautiful thing to play with. On my old computer I have hundreds of short stories. Once it was my dream to be a writer.

Beside writing and new media, I have another very big passion: music. As long as I can remember, I have had music lessons. Around seven or eight, I started to play the double bass. After a few years I joined a youth orchestra. It was something I loved to do and be part of. Playing a piece together with eighty others really always gave me goose bumps. However, I stopped doing that all at seventeen. I simply felt like it was time to start something new.

I also love to sing. It is something I do naturally when I feel comfortable. I used to have singing lessons for a couple of years, but stopped when moving to another town. I do want to pick it up again next year. Singing  is one of the best ways to express myself, beside writing ofcourse. I sing when I feel good; I am quite when I am down.

I am one of those persons that always try to evolve themselves. There are simple so many things that I want to be better at. Not because I feel the need to be good, but because I have so many interests and I want to grow my acknowledgement. These Fashion Days is one of those interest, which also gives me the place to write about every other interest I have.

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