Fashion-lover that I am, I am always very intrigued by all of the Fashion Weeks. It is my big dream to attend any (or all) of the 4 biggest Fashion Weeks someday. Anyway, until then I just follow the shows on the Internet. The next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my favorite shows from either New York, London, Milano and Paris Fashion Week. Today it is time for the second post, about London Fashion Week, with shows such as Mulberry, Charlotte Olympia and Versus Versace. 

london fashion week august 2016 antonio berardi

Antonio Berardi

This collection isn’t simple at all, but it looks quite rustic. There is some black and dark blue, but over all the colours are soft. Blue is coming back a lot, just like we saw last week in the New York shows. Beside that, you see white, chequered prints, linnen, and full-fashioned lines.

london fashion week august 2016 charlotte olympia

Charlotte Olympia

Honestly, I looooove the new Charlotte Olympia collection! On the one hand, her collections are always super classy, but on the other hand they’re funny and weird. Just like this new one. The classic part is all one and very classic, with beautiful pantalons and billowing skirts. But it is the funny part that catches attention. She dressed the models in very big suits of fruit! And when you look closer, you see that the fruits also come back in the classic part of the collection. Did you allready sport the little banana bag on the first model?!

london fashion week august 2016 mulberry


A very unique collection it is. There are many dark colours, such as moss-green, navy and burgandy. But there’s also bright yellow and red, and soft blue and white. What I find the most striking are the many stripes that comes back in any size through the entire collection.

london fashion week august 2016 paul smith

Paul Smith

This collection is full of earthy and natural colours. There’s brown and orange, combined with soft pink. Another detail colour: blue.

london fashion week august 2016 versus versace

Versus Versace

A whole lot different from the collections above. The major colours are black and navy. What we did see before is the detail colour: bright yellow. More striking things about the collection: denim & a lot of cut-outs.

london fashion week august 2016 topshop unique

Topshop Unique

I guess this is the most all-round collection, because obviously Topshop Unique is a lot more ready-to-wear than the others. It is really diverse. There is zebra print; popping colours like yellow, purple, pink and red; lightblue; and black in combination with baby pink.

What is your favorite collection from these?

Love, Marijn

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