Fashion-lover that I am, I am always very intrigued by all of the Fashion Weeks. It is my big dream to attend any (or all) of the 4 biggest Fashion Weeks someday. Anyway, until then I just follow the shows on the Internet. The next couple of Fridays, I will be sharing my favorite shows from either New York, London, Milano and Paris Fashion Week. Today we’ll kick of with New York. These are the ten shows that either I loved most, or were just  very conspicuous. 

Balenciaga New York Fashion Week show spring summer SS17


The Balenciaga Ready-to-wear SS16 collection is an outstanding one. The items are neat, which you see clearly in the many trench coats, long boots and big bags. Beside that the collection includes a LOT of colour. Really bright and popping colours like pink, purple, yellow, orange and blue are the highlights.

a detacher new york fashion week show spring summer ss17

A detacher

I absolutely love this collection. It is a lot more ready-to-wear than some of the others. The clothes have soft and earthly colours, such as baby pink, mint green and brown. Other striking features are denim, that is mostly combined with the other soft colours, and bright red, which is used as a detail, or just in an all red outfit.

DKNY fashion week new york show spring summer SS17


The Donna Karan New York collection is one of opposites. One the one hand there is a lot of white, black and grey. On the other side there is pink, blue and orange. It all is a little bit grunchy. The items are all very loose, but also highlight the female body in some way.

Diane von Furstenberg fashion week New York show spring summer SS17

Diane von Furstenberg

This collection has a bit of an african vide, with lots of brown and green. Beside that blue and black also play a big role. And the first thing I noticed when I saw this collection, is that almost eveything has a V-neck.

alexander wang fashion week new york fashion show spring summer SS17

Alexander Wang

Just like many other collections, this one contains a lot of black and grey, with a few major colours: pink, blue, yellow and purple. But beside that, some items have soft colours like light brown, light blue and white.

escada new york fashion week show spring summer SS17


This is one of my favorite collections of these ten, because it is zo classic, elegant and feminine. It contains lots of soft and bright colours. Exactly what I expect from a Spring Summer collection. Major colours: White, blue, green, orange and red.

lacoste new york fashion week show spring summer SS17


The Lacoste SS17 collection is a simple one, with classy sweaters and lots of dresses. Black, grey and white are presented, but also lots of colours. I absolutely adore this collection with all of it’s red, green, orange and pink.

marc jacobs new york fashion week show spring summer SS17

Marc Jacobs

Another collection of opposites. It looks like it is from both the past and the future. It has soft colours, but also hard rough colours. Major colours: Purple, blue, orange and black. Other striking things: Metallic, lace, frill, high socks, all kinds of jackets.

Vera Wang fashion week New York show spring summer SS17

Vera Wang

Now this collection totally is a unity. It is all in black and white, and shares one big thing: very long sleeves. Now I don’t know if this really is something that will be seen on the streets as well, since it isn’t really practical, but we’ll see about that during the spring next year.

victoria backham new york fashion week show spring summer SS17

Victoria Backham

And then the last of the ten collections is the one from Victoria Backham. The focus is on white, and the detailcolours are blue and orange/red. You also see shiny fabrics, and flower prints.

What can we say about SS17 based on these New York Fashion Week shows?

The keyword for SS17 is going to be sophisticated. Black and white have an important role, but bright colours have that too. Just like SS16 baby pink is one of the major colours, but orange is making it’s way back in too. Blue is also seen a lot.  Other striking things we have seen: V-necks, coloured thights, all kinds of jackets, soft colours, african vibes and shiny fabrics.

What was your favorite NY Fashion Week show?

Love, Marijn

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