Goodmorning y’all! Recently I am all into the cheaper Spanish fashion brands, like Bershka and Stradivarius. Their collections are just really good at the moment! I’m especially obsessed with Stradivarius, which is only in Holland for a few months now. I happened to find myself at the webshop in a bored hour, and I created quite a big wishlist on the Stradivarius AW16 collection. Let’s see what’s all on it!

stradivarius aw16 wishlist autumn winter pantalon skirt sweater

Checkered skirt: Okay, I am a bit of a cheater with this item, since I allready bought it. But I created this wishlist long before I actually bought it, and I wanted to let you know about it. Such a cute skirt, perfect for autumn or spring. Grey pantalon: I am all over pantalon recently. Just really want to extend my trouser collection with more cool pairs. Like this one! Classy, simple, comfortable. Love it. Orange pantalon: This is the same pantalon as the grey one, but obviously in a different colour. The orange/rusty colour makes the pantalon more odd, and just makes your simple outfit way more special. Oversized sweater: Honestly, how comfortable does this sweater look. To be honest: I don’t have that much sweaters, but now that it is getting colder I NEED SOMEE! Especially extremely comfortable ones, like this one.

stradivarius aw16 wishlist autumn winter pantalon top blouse velvet

Laced up sweater: Another sweater, but this has a cute detail: the lace up. I think it just is more playful this way. Grey pantalon with belt: And yet, more pantalon. Perhaps a bit comparable to the earlier grey pantalon, but this is more high-waisted and a bit darker too. And it obviously has a belt, which I like too. Red open-back top: So cute! Really like the cuteness of this top. The colour is perfect too: a deep cherry red. And you can never go wrong with dots. Velvet top: Velvet is totally hot this season. It says both soft and glamourous. In fact I wore a velvet top to an fashion event last week, and I loved it.

stradivarius aw16 wishlist autumn winter pantalon dress sweater loafers

Grey pantalon: I think we can all agree I am obsessed with grey pantalons, and just need to go buy one, haha. Really like this one too. Black midi dress: The perfect basic dress for winter. A whole lot of comfort, but you can also match it with so much, that you can make it look classy and chic as well. White sweater: Like I said: I n.e.e.d. more sweaters. This one if cute and fun. Black loafers studs: I am also looking for some classy flats. Although those are probably aren’t the warmest shoes for winter, I just love ’em. Cool ánd classic. Burgundy loafers bow: The same idea, but they still look pretty different. The colour is just beautiful, and the bow it cute. Can you imagine this under neath a skirt and sweater?!

What do you think of the Stradivarius AW16 collection? What is you favorite item from the ones above?

Love, Marijn